I admire the people who aren’t afraid to take a risk. The ones who decide to live in another country without even knowing the language to communicate with. The ones who take a job opportunity that they’re really nervous about but feel like they have all the ability in the world to do it right. The ones who let their fear be the push they need to make that specific decision without knowing the outcome.

I let my fear dictate me too much. I’ve gotten better in certain aspects, but there’s this fear that still lingers around that I haven’t been able to shake and honestly, it stems from my lack of confidence. The fear of failing, the fear of making myself look foolish, the fear of others opinions, the fear of being incapable.

To be inferior is to live in fear. To be empowered is to feel in power


Till this day, it’s still a work in progress. Maybe some of you are struggling with your own fears. Maybe they’re similar to mine. Slowly, I’ve been making decisions the past couple years that have disregarded my hesitations and it’s felt amazing… but I want to reach a point where I turn that very thing that is holding me back into the drive I need to believe that whatever happens, happens but I at least took the chance to find out.

To all of you who do take risks, keep being that inspiration and share how you made it through. I’ve always said that I live vicariously through those people I admire… But why can’t I make a life for myself that I could be proud of? I may not get to their level but I can make my dreams and wishes com true too. Everyone has them and everyone has the necessary tools they need to achieve them. Some may take longer than others, some may have to work harder than others, but there’s no greater limit than the one in your reflection.

We can’t feel inferior to life

To those who have that fear or A fear, I know what it’s like. It’s terrifying, it’s controlling, it’s demanding, it’s limiting. But we can’t feel inferior to life. We have to empower ourselves in everything we do and sometimes that involves taking risks. “To be inferior is to live in fear. To be empowered is to feel in power.” I created this quote about a year ago but I never remembered it during those times I felt so incompetent.

From now on, I’m going to put this quote on a never-ending loop inside my head when those moments come. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having fear just as long as you don’t let it control you. We were all born with the same power, life just makes us figure out how to use our own. Believe in yourself and tell that fear to take a backseat because you’re the one driving now.