I think a lot of you can agree that as we get older, we tend to forget about ourselves more often than not. When you were a child, it was all about you. During the holidays, on the weekends, whenever the opportunity arose, it was all about you. And rightfully so… but why is it that when we get older, we lose sight of that almost instantaneously?

Obviously when you become a parent, you are no longer the priority. Your baby is. Your entire world revolves around the life you created, making sure you feed, teach, nurture, and protect that miracle with everything you have.

When you become an adult and start a working job. You live on your own so you have bills to pay and other responsibilities that have to come first. It’s all a part of life because that’s what growing up is.

But there’s no reason to act as if you don’t need a break every now and then. I believe we all deserve more than this but even if it’s 10 minutes out of the day just to yourself. Read a book, surf the internet, take a nap, relax in a bubble bath, anything that’ll quiet your mind and make you enjoy that little time you have to treat yourself.

“Nothing resembles selfishness more closely than self-respect”

George Sand, Indiana

I feel like not dedicating that time is what makes those every day tasks and responsibilities start to take a toll on different parts of your life. Your relationships, your friendships, your work, your family, just everything. For those hard working parents that don’t remember the last time you went out on a date, choose one night just for yourselves. Maybe it’s after your kids go to bed and you just sit and talk. Be in each other’s presence in a way that you can’t usually do on daily basis.

For the mama’s who have put themselves on the bottom of their priority lists, find something that you’re passionate about and whenever you get the chance, focus on that. Go out and get a pedicure, shop for a new blouse, spoil yourself for, at least, a day so you can maintain some kind of sanity because hello?! Motherhood is tough!

For the men who are constantly working hard to provide for their families or trying to make something of themselves because they’re just starting out, have a beer and watch a game, go out and golf for a while. You work just as hard as the rest. This isn’t just for women or parents but for everybody.

It’s so important not to forget about yourself

We all need to distract ourselves from the demands in our lives and spoil ourselves every now and then even when we don’t come first anymore. Whether it’s a few minutes, a day, or a good chunk of vacation time, use it to your advantage any way you can. Maybe you can be that person that gives a loved one a break from their every day life.

It’s so important not to forget about yourself because hey, you deserve to be spoiled too. But sometime’s, you can’t wait for that time. You have to make it. So the answer to this question is, YES, you can and should be selfish every now and then.