I always knew I wanted to do something different with my life. I didn’t want to sit in an office all day with no other passion and ambitions other than waking up and going to work five days a week.

That’s why when I discovered my love for travel and exploring the world, I knew I had to do something with my life that involved this.

As a result, I started Sam Sees World (https://samseesworld.com) a travel blog for the millennial travel. With my blog, I have found myself able to share my travel experiences, connect with new people, and explore my creativity.

I love to capture my travels in photographs and share these with my viewers. Also, write about everything I did and all the mistakes I made while traveling, so others don’t do the same.

However, my blog is more than just a platform to share my experiences. I use it as a creative outlet, as a place to do whatever I want, however I want.

I can write whatever I’d like, edit my photos however I’d like and create a brand around myself with no one else’s influence but my own. It is exciting to see your creative vision come to life exactly as you had wanted.

Starting a blog and becoming a travel blogger wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and it still isn’t. I have spent thousands of hours on my website, creating content, writing guest posts, learning about website creation, and more.

It is a never-ending journey of mistakes and learning new things that I wish I’d known months before. Despite all the difficulties I have faced, I am so happy I created my blog.

More so, I have found that a lot of younger people are finding travel and enjoying the thrill and excitement it provides. The more you travel, the more you learn about the world, human connection, and yourself.

Therefore, I find it very important to encourage people to travel and see something new! I will love if my content and stories are the catalysts to someone taking the leap and heading somewhere new.

I want to leave people with one thing to remember: travel results in stories and personal growth. And stories are what make life enjoyable, and personal growth is what makes you a better person.

I encourage everyone to seek the new and unknown and start writing a story people want to read and become a person people want to know.