If someone would have told me ten years ago, how my life turned out to be now, I wouldn’t believe a word. I was like most mid-20’s women. I liked to dress nicely, laughed a lot and was happy and positive to life in general. Seven years ago, I lost my hair, because of alopecia. The known life I had changed from one day to the next.

The worst thing wasn’t the disease … it was the looks and reactions of other people. Mostly strangers but also people who knew me, people I liked. That was the most hurtful experience. It was a mixture of compassion and embarrassment, helplessness and “evil” intention.

In order not to attract any more attention than I already did, I changed my complete styling to unobtrusive. It made me not overly cope, but I was not happy: That wasn’t me. At some point, I had to decide what’s more important: to be happy or to be inconspicuous and pleasant for everyone else.

What changed me the most wasn’t the hair loss, but the people around me. I went for being happy again! It’s just hair and I have learned very well how to live without it.

Today, I am happier than ever before. I am here in the present. I’ve learned to let go, surrounded with the right people and above all, I do more of what makes me happy. Sometimes I even buy a shampoo, just because of the smell or the packaging. 😊