I sit here in front of my ipad screen, sipping on rose and listening to Marilyn Monroe’s “Lazy”. I love the smoothness of Marilyn’s voice.

“What’s my story?” I whisper to myself. There’s soo much to tell. I always believed that I have become a swan after a childhood of being an ugly duckling.

Unfortunately ever since my early years, having friends was difficult for me. My peers inside and outside of school thought I was weird, too quiet, too ugly to be seen with, and they isolated me willingly. Being awkward did not help on top of all of this. I had no confidence.

The worst part is, after being treated unfairly and hearing people naming their perceptions of me so many times, I began to believe it. That I was strange, and awkward, and better off alone.

But one day I decided that they were wrong. I promised myself to have self compassion and face the amazing qualities I possessed; how I was intelligent, analytical, good-hearted, chic and passionate.

I did a 360 in my how I perceived myself. I did not put up with other people’s insecurities and I FILLED MYSELF with confidence and self-love. And it was a genuine love. In many ways, fashion reformed me to be more bold, creative and confident.

Apart of my beginnings as a Swan, I learned two things about myself – I love to help others, and I love fashion. To me, they intertwine so obviously and so ambiguously at the same time.

My aspirations of who I want to be and what I want to do have been manifesting for a few years now.
One part is through helping my community, which I currently do as a crisis line responder (with plans to become a psychotherapist).

The second part is engaging in fashion as a creative outlet, blogging about my style and all the topics that interest me in the fashion world. Helping people and playing with fashion interact in my blog Malgosiastyle.

Through my writing I help people utilize fashion and style as a means for self growth and a creative outlet (icon series, trends, style guides, etc). That is my main goal, to inspire and guide people with the message to “be effortlessly chic and effortlessly you.”

I truly believe that there is magical effects in dressing to present the best version of yourself. When I started dressing like a CEO, it transformed and challenged myself to actually be a boss in my life. And I welcome everyone to do the same.

Through cultivating your style, you can feel better, have more confidence in yourself and in your abilities, and also learn more about who you are.

I also dive into other topics on MalgosiaStyle because I believe fashion comes with so much more beautiful experiences; comic relief, important stories about mental health, analyses of our behavior, historic movements and more.

But it’s much more powerful to see it in your eyes, and you can find it here (malgosiastyle.wordpress.com). I invite you to continue your journey on living your best life, loving your self more by the day, and hope you become effortlessly chic and effortlessly you!