What’s Your Happy Place?

Your happy place doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific location. I think it’s more about your state of mind and what you feel in that moment. You’re probably going to roll your eyes and say, “Damn, this girl is always so deep!” … Well, yes. Yes I am. I focus more on the emotion behind certain things rather than just the simplicity of a situation. (Although simple is good, too.)

My happy place can be described in different ways. However, they tend to have one thing in common. It can be on a beach, reading a book and basking in the suns warmth. It can be in my room on a winter day, snuggled up against the covers while watching my favorite movies. It can be on hammock overlooking a beautiful landscape while listening to my music.

You have to find that place that brings out the human in you. the soul in you. the love in you

R. M. drake

What they all have in common is my solitude. I tend to like these moments without the disturbance of unwanted chatter and disruptive noise. I do make exceptions and I like to have company that share this same state of mind. I think one of the best types of relationships/friendships to have are those where you can be in each other’s presence in comfortable silence. Where you can share the mutual understanding that sometimes your presence alone is enough.

It will always bring you back to who you are

It’s important to create those happy places for a number of reasons. They keep you sane if you’re the type to use them when you’ve just about had enough of current circumstances. They can bring you back to your essence when you start to feel like you’re losing yourself. They create a peaceful atmosphere where it can be all about you without any outside influences.

As I mentioned before, I have many happy places and I continue to discover more as I get older… but like I said, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the location but more the feeling behind it. Where do you feel most safe? Most at peace? Most you? Find it and it will always bring you back to who you are. It’s something no one can ever take away from you.