Anyone can argue why their mother is the best in the world. And although I am that very person who always states that I wouldn’t trade mine for all the riches in the world, I have to admit I’ve been blessed with a lot of unique and special second mom’s that have made their way in to my life.

The reason why I say my mom is the best is because of the way she loves me unconditionally. The way she somehow manages to get me, without saying a word, to open up even though I try to convince myself I can handle certain things on my own. The way she fights for me to believe in myself when I begin to doubt how capable I am. The way she’s wiped away every tear I let her see, after she’s told me I have to let it out. The way she’s protected me at all costs against the struggles we were going through because she didn’t want to burden me at a young age. The way she’s held on to her faith through the most trying times regardless of how weak she felt because she knew without God, she’d have nothing. The way she’s so different from other people, she was made perfectly to be my person. The way she resembles my grandmother in more ways than one, who is also the best in the world and no surprise as to why they share their name Grace.

The way both my mother and grandmother are the strongest women I have ever met. Given all the adversities they’ve had to face in their lifetime and neither one of them has allowed their faith to wane one bit, but grow stronger, is inspiring enough. My grandmother gave me my best friend. My companion, my counselor, my supporter, my peace, my second version of her. These reasons are just a glimpse of who my mother is and that is the reason why she is the best.

Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest, courageous, hard-working, and loving angels we’ve been blessed with. Thank you to the ones who have adopted me as their second daughter because you’re just as amazing. And here’s to the mothers who may not have their own children, but very much love the one’s around them as their own.

Why is your mom the best?