Each day we face a choice. We either allow our failures to hinder us, or we accept it and keep moving forward. I am no stranger to failure.

In fact, I feel as though we are the best of friends. Failure has a tendency to bring up my past. Whenever we meet up for one thing, I am reminded of all our other meet ups.

Throughout the years I have realized that failure has caused me to be in a destructive relationship with myself. In my mind I was constantly tearing myself down, and comparing myself to others.

Itโ€™s easy to be down and stay down, however, the hard part is getting back up. I have been learning to acknowledge what canโ€™t be changed and have been choosing to move forward.

I do whatever I need to do to get the failure out of my system, but after that I prepare to accomplish it the next time.

You canโ€™t control the failure, but you can control what happens after. Smile, appreciate every situation, and be Triumphant.