I went through my own personal hell at a young age and it led me to hit rock bottom at a certain point… but if you were to ask me, “Do you wish you could go back and do it over? Do you regret what you’ve been through?”, my honest answer would be that had I known what I know now or had I been the person I am today back then, then yes, I probably would have done things differently or changed some of the actions I took, but the journey that brought me to where I am today wouldn’t have been the same. Sometimes the journey itself is the most life changing.

These two rings were given to me on my 16th birthday. At that point, I was pretty far in to my depression and months later would be when I hit rock bottom. I’ve always been in love with rings like these but little did I know the two main words that you see here were the purpose of my long and unforgettable journey. They taught me how to heal my wounds, the brokenness inside me, and the shattered pieces of my mind.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston s. churchill

They taught me how little I knew about myself and how ignorant my mind had made me into thinking I was someone worth nothing. I never knew how strong I was, how capable I am, what kind of heart I possess, and the talents that lie within me. Faith taught me how to believe in myself, believe in the plans that God has for me, and that He’s always been with me since the very beginning. All I had to do was call out His name.

Sometimes the journey itself is the most life changing

Cherish taught me that although, unfortunately, it was something I didn’t do in the past, there was always an opportunity to make it a priority in the future. It taught me to enjoy the moments, no matter how insignificant they may be, to hold them close to my heart and feel at peace should there ever be a time to let go. It taught me time is never guaranteed and regret is the only other option should you choose a different route.

These rings have been with me for years, and I never knew how much they would mean to me until I learned each lesson they taught. My faith has become unbreakable just like the woman in my reflection. Every moment I am blessed with is not being taken for granted which has given me another part to my peace of mind.There are certain lessons in life that you just can’t learn without failing at them first.