Hey you,

I hope one day you can truly grasp how admirable you are. For so long, you actually thought you were anything but strong. You thought “this” was all that life had to give which meant you could never be enough. But hear me when I tell you just how wrong you are, sweet one.

You have a strength beyond all measures, designed and created to overcome any temptation that has you believe “this” is all you will ever be. You are a survivor, molded by the tragedies that plague this earth. Your determination against the odds has only pushed you further towards your goals.

You’ve cried out, wondering how you could possibly make it through another day, but that’s exactly what you’ve done by not giving up. You never even realized your moments of weakness were only the preparation needed to demonstrate you are anything but weak.

You’ve had the enemy in your ear all along, attacking your spirit until there’s nothing left, yet you silenced him with a single glare. How can you possibly tell me you are not strong enough? Let it sink in until it’s ingrained in your subconscious just how far you’ve come.

Your journey is significant and your life is essential. You were born to be resilient. Your pride should come from all that you’ve been able to accomplish with humility as a reminder of where it all began. Your light burns for a reason. Protect it so that light never burns out.

You have a strength beyond all measures