Love is very powerful, I think we can all agree on that. It can help you overcome your biggest fears, endure your deepest loss, and shatter the chains of what’s held you behind. One of the greatest gifts is the opportunity to celebrate such a love story. We’re surrounded by them through the love of a mother and her child, the bond between two friends, the reconciliation of distant relatives and a couple from different backgrounds choosing to share their lives together.

A love story doesn’t just come from the pages of a romance novel. We breathe it every single day. Even when the world around us is suffering, love always seems to shine its way through. I got to witness my high school bestie marry the love of her life in a time where restrictions are mandated… but never impossible to celebrate a sacred union. I witnessed a wife choose time with her family over a paycheck when job security is absolutely essential because she missed the physical presence of being together to share their last meal of the day.

Or what about those who discovered their new passion and creativity while being quarantined behind the four walls of their home. The love they found for their newfound craft. Some who even chose to inspire and help thousands in need… there’s no greater love than that.

I’m a pretty hopeless romantic and even though I’ve been through my own fair share of different heartbreaks, I always will be. I see love every day and I constantly search for it in different forms. Because it’s one thing to learn about love, but it’s a whole new experience when you see it for yourself.

Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offense it is not resentful.

Landon carter, a walk to remember

The greatest love I’ve ever known has to do with my faith and the way God has chosen to love me. My second greatest love would be that of my own family and what the true definition is.

You see, our loves stories are endless. They’re around every corner, hidden in the moments of grief, suffering and even darkness. They’re in the middle of our laughing hysterics where we’re unable to contain our tears and in our space where inspiration is so profound, it’s almost explosive. The energy that it gives us is another way for us to feel hope. It is a reminder that though the journey is long and life is unpredictable, tomorrow will come.

It is a reminder that though the journey is long and life is unpredictable, tomorrow will come.