April 26, 2018, a day that forever changed my life. My beautiful anticipated daughter’s arrival. I had a cesarean and couldn’t stop staring at her for three days straight (with no sleep). It was a rough recovery from surgery, to sleepless nights and trying to heal and breastfeed.

After weeks of feeling emotional, and mentally and physically drained I felt this sense of emptiness inside. I always wanted more, more happiness, more money, more things, more love. I just didn’t feel good enough. I didn’t feel like a good mother, wife or friend and I had no idea why.

This feeling took over and my thoughts. Why was I feeling so victimized to my circumstances, why was I not feeling good enough? From the outside people would think, she has it all, but on the inside, I felt incomplete with myself.

As I started learning about personal development, limiting beliefs and consciousness from Marissa Peer, Jim Fortin, and Abraham, I went through my own personal transformation.

I was in a deep meditative place and recalled a time when I was only eleven years old, I was alone and all the girls were looking at me and deciding if I could be their friend.

I could literally feel my stomach twisting and turning and this deep sense of ‘I am not good enough’ came over me. At this time, I realized that was the moment my subconscious mind decided ‘I am not good enough’ and I carried that underneath everything in my life, without even knowing it.

We all have three limiting beliefs that are holding us back from truly being happy and fulfilled in life:

I am not good enough

I am different and no one understands me

I am not deserving

By understanding that our subconscious mind and beliefs dictate 90% of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we can finally let go and take control of our life.

This was pure freedom knowing that THIS, untrue, sabotaging belief of me feeling not good enough was being played out even as a mother.

I went back and told myself, “that is not me anymore, I am enough just the way I am!” which is the truth. We would never tell our friends, family or children they are not good enough. They are BORN good enough and so are you.

If you ever have doubts, addictions, and pain that you cannot understand, it’s ok. It is most likely your subconscious beliefs controlling your life without you even knowing it.

After going through and tackling my subconscious and building a healthy foundation, I feel at peace, loved and elated. It inspires me every day to share this with others, to teach my daughter that YOU ARE ENOUGH, no matter what happens to you.

I created a group @mindsetformoms (on Instagram) where I share my knowledge and transformation, all while encouraging and uplifting others.

You can tackle your subconscious limiting beliefs and become free as well. There is no time like when you are at your lowest in life, to truly discover your inner beauty.

With love,