I wrote this poem a day after my birthday in 2012. It speaks for itself but this is what my mental health looked like all those years ago. It’s one that many people live with on a daily basis. The mind can be a scary place; deceptive, isolating, depressive. But sometimes it’s all we’ve got. That’s why we must work to break the illusion of a better reality within our minds and fight for the one we’ve been given.

Alternate Dimension
A secret place I've always known. 
In this world, I have the throne. 
No harm ever comes to me. 
In this world, I am set free. 
Free to laugh and smile and fly. 
Unlike earth I have to try. 
Here I fight for happiness. 
In this world, it's nothing less. 
It gets lonely now and then. 
Why? Because it's just pretend.
I try real hard to let it go, 
But I fall deeper, more below. 
At times I hate reality 
so I go to my fantasy. 
But here's the thing, it does me wrong. 
To just be real, it takes too long. 
I only wish it could come true. 
It's something hard you can't just do. 
The real world collides with this. 
They fight and fight with raging fists.
But one thing always stays the same. 
My world never wins the game. 
For now the earth will be my base 
but I'll keep my world just in case. 
The saddest part is I can't live,
for my world has a lot to give. 
I know what I need to do now. 
No one can no longer bow. 
My world has to disappear. 
To let it go and have no fear.
So here I wait for my new start. 
Forever we'll be worlds apart.