When asked about what I wanted to achieve in life, I would come up with a list that revolved around my idea of success. There’s nothing wrong with having a large list of goals to accomplish because you can follow through on every single one when you truly put your mind to it. However, what happens when you don’t reach each one?

It’s never too late for some things, but others, you kinda have to accept that particular moment in time has past and you just gotta keep moving. For instance, that’s happened to me multiple times because of the choices I’ve made and the fear that I’ve allowed to hinder myself on following through.

As I got older, life having taught me many lessons along the way, when asked what I wanted to achieve in life, my response changed. The one thing I truly want to achieve in my life is genuine happiness. I can’t even begin to explain the few moments I’ve experienced that feeling, what my body goes through when I’m that present.

It’s almost like it’s so overwhelming, my body can’t contain the emotions rushing through me and my soul literally wants to burst in an explosion of fireworks. I obviously do well in hiding the reaction it evokes in me because I’m not trying to be overly emotional, but I hang on to that feeling as much as I possibly can before it’s gone.

Accept that fact you were meant for it.

Some people will never know what a moment means to me unless I express it to them. I actually like it that way because it becomes my little secret. It becomes my little memory I get to store away and cherish forever. Here’s the thing: Happiness is a choice. Of course, it’s not the only thing I strive for in life but it’s definitely a priority.

I won’t be able to achieve happiness though, if I don’t choose happiness. By choosing happiness, I’m choosing to be present. I’m choosing to embrace. I’m choosing to accept. I’m choosing to accept that I’m meant to be happy, I’m meant to experience that overwhelming feeling and no one can take that away.

Whatever you strive for in life, make sure you choose it on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how big or small it takes you to get to that feeling. Once you’re there, hang on to it, embrace it, and accept that fact you were meant for it.