Winter is coming! I can’t believe it’s already November! And it’s cold! How exciting, right? (Well… it has its pro’s and con’s.) I actually took this picture on a trip to New Hampshire in January last year.

I have to be honest and say I probably enjoyed the scenery more than I did the trip! It was just so beautiful and the landscapes were absolutely breathtaking. I think during the winter time is one of the most amazing seasons to photograph outside. This picture almost looks eerie but I just fell in love with how the sky looked behind the leafless tree’s.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck

I’m actually a January baby so I don’t mind the cold during fall or winter. I live on the East Coast so it gets pretty cold but the past couple years have been quite brutal in the months after January. We even had full on snow days…in March… when we should’ve been preparing for spring break.

But, I would love to be able to experience a white Christmas again. I used to live in an area that looks just like this photo, except when it would snow heavily, it would look exactly like Narnia, a winter wonderland.

That’s one childhood memory during this season that I always remember. I also remember going out sledding, eating holiday cookies (that I still make today) and drinking hot chocolate to warm up after all the fun.

What’s your favorite fall/winter memory?

There’s still so many memories I can’t wait to experience this holiday season and in the future while keeping the old ones close to my heart.