Seeing as I took a long break, I think it’d be fair to do a little re-introduction of myself and what my goals are for my blog. But before I do that, I would like to emphasize the importance of 2 things;

  1. Taking time for yourself. Whether that’s to heal, to separate yourself from your thoughts, to re-strengthen your mind or your body, whatever it may be, take.that.time. If you’re not feeling inspired, if you’re thoughts have turned negative or your drive is starting to dissipate; pause, step back, and just breathe. Whatever you think you’ve lost in that moment, I guarantee you’ll find it again but only if you do the 2nd thing I want to emphasize;
  2. Don’t leave it behind. Come back rejuvenated, come back with a different approach, come back with reinforcements, just don’t walk away from what you’ve worked so hard for. Even if it’s just LIVING. Because even that is a battle for a lot of people but they keep pushing because they know there’s something better. They just need to be reminded of their worth.

Whatever you think you’ve lost… you’ll find it again

I’ll discuss my reasons for taking a step back from blogging and social media but for now, my name is Katalina. I’m an almost 25 year old who loves to write and it’s very nice to meet you!

Three random fun facts about myself are:

  1. That’s So Raven on Disney Channel used to be my SHIT and I could quote her lines like a nursery rhyme lol
  2. I secretly have an obsession with food ASMR… which is hilarious because in person, I can’t stand the sound of chewing. There are just some really fancy accounts who make the presentation of the food look super aesthetically pleasing and they make me extremely hungry. Then again that can also be torturous but anyway, yup! I love that.
  3. If I really love the smell of a perfume, I’ll store away the bottle in case it ever gets discontinued (which has happened so I’m so happy I kept the bottles!)

Three real facts about myself are:

  1. I’m not a perfect person and I lack confidence in certain areas of my life, but if there’s one thing I am sure about is I know what I have to offer people in the forms of a friendship or relationship. It’s burned me many times but now it’s something I’m proud of because I know it’s something unique about me.
  2. My life’s purpose (that I know of hehe, cause I know God has His plans for me too) is to help other people by being there for them. Emotionally, physically, if I’m able, financially, in any way I can, it gives me life and adds meaning to my day when I’ve made somebody else’s a little lighter.
  3. I’m a lot stronger than I think. Strong was never a word I would’ve used to describe myself but I recognize it more and more everyday.

Finally, three goals that I have for Triumphant are: it’s mantra.

  1. Share your story.
  2. Bring hope.
  3. Inspire.

I want to share people’s voices because there’s so much I can’t give advice on. I haven’t lived through it. We all have something to give the world and it’s meant to be heard. Like the colors on a color wheel. There isn’t just one solid color but thousands of different shades that make up a kaleidoscope of art and beauty.

I want people to know that amidst the darkness, there will always be light. The lessons are necessary and pain is inevitable but there is a purpose and you have a purpose.

I want them to know they can make it, because once they pull through, there’s no going back. They can discover who they truly are and who they’re meant to be. The changes that follow can change the people around them and their circumstances.

This is what I stand for. It’s who I’ve always been even through my own trials. I only hope that my impact doesn’t end here.