Hi! We are the Thorntons.

Before I tell you a crazy story, let me give you a short description of what life looked like just 2 short years ago! It was…fine. The amazing thing was that I was (and still am) married to the love of my life, and had a beautiful 5 month old baby girl .

What wasn’t so amazing was our financial future. Whenever we didn’t have much left over at the end of the month for savings…I’d say things to myself like…

“We have a 5 month old, daycare is expensive”

“We have only been married a year, and it takes a second for us to figure out our spending habits”

“It was a big birthday month”

“We had a trip this month, that was expensive”

“We had those medical bills, that was expensive”

“I had to get my hair done for that wedding”

There was always a reason why our bank account looked less than fabulous at the end of the month, so I kept telling myself, “it’ll be different next month”. But do you ever have those moments when you stop and think, “what the heck am I doing with my life?!”

Yup, I had that moment. And that moment actually saved my life, because it forced me into action. Into taking responsibility for the life that I was living, and the life that I wanted to have. Scared of failure, of making a fool out of myself, and of being scammed…I somehow pressed “submit” and became one of “those wrap girls”.

Here’s the thing: I was scared. Terrified. But you know what was even scarier? Thinking about my bank account being in the same spot 5 years from now. Thinking about not having the option to say yes to my babies. Thinking about not being able to take time off work if my babies are sick. Thinking about working 9-5 until I’m 65!

That was scary… So with faith the size of a mustard seed, I jumped. I joined this business and never looked back. I was working at a bank full time, 40+ hours a week and had a 5 month old. Brian (my better half) is an amazing husband and father who is an assistant basketball coach at a Division I University in Indiana, which requires a lot of time that he has to be away from home whether that be recruiting or games!

Needless to say…I was busy, busy, busy, and looking back, I could have made that my excuse, but instead, I made that why I joined! What I love about this business so much is that it truly is for anyone. No one is too good or not good enough for this business.

We wanted to leave a legacy for our kids, so that they could be debt free and we could go on trips, put them in camps, buy school supplies and clothes … without constantly checking our bank accounts.

We wanted the true feeling of financial freedom. Within 2 years, we earned $172,000 in bonuses, and now are making 6 figures from our phones.
I have been able to quit my banking job and own my own time because of ItWorks.

Our baby girl is now 2 years old and we added another beautiful baby boy to our family a year ago! Our lives have definitely not slowed down…and ItWorks has allowed us to keep up with this crazy adventure. It has absolutely transformed our lives in so many ways.

We have made so many incredible friends, are helping hundreds of people pay off debt and dream again. I honestly can say I’m so excited about our future, and can’t wait to see what the future of this good life has in store for us. To God be the Glory!