Valentines Day used to be a holiday I absolutely hated. How could it not when it was a reminder of something I’ve always wanted yet still lacking till this very day. But that was the problem. I had made the focus always be about being in a relationship and having a significant other to share and celebrate with when in reality it’s so much more than that.

Love has no limits, nor is it confined into one specific category. Once I took the romance movie aspect out of it, I saw different priorities of celebrating love that make each individual life whole.

When you come first, there’s no hesitation to accept the love you deserve and reject the love you don’t.

  • Number one: My relationship with the One who loved me first. As a believer, my relationship with God is supposed to be my top priority. Just like in any relationship, things are going so well where I’m spending time with Him, learning about Him and taking time out of my day to focus on us and then it suddenly starts to fade. As guilty as I am of doing this many times in the past, I always find my way back to Him. He never leaves regardless, but every time I’m reminded of how lucky I am to be chosen by someone who loves every imperfect part of me. He’s the true definition of unconditional love and the relationship I want to strive to always keep growing and nourishing every single day. He’s already more than enough.
  • Number two: Me, myself, and I. The one relationship I struggled with for as long as I can remember. The relationship that I continue to work and fight for because how can I expect anyone else to give me a love I don’t even have for myself. No one could possibly love you the way you can love yourself. When you come first, there’s no hesitation to accept the love you deserve and reject the love you don’t. One holiday isn’t enough for what you’re meant to have, feel, and experience. You’re meant to have the world and all the beauty that comes with it.
  • Number 3: Everyone else. Of course, the first ones on this list would be your loved ones. These are the people who need to be celebrated too because when you need some extra lovin’ and support, they’re right there waiting to give it to you. Damn it, that’s why I’m so happy they created Galentine’s Day because it’s not just about the romance but about the ones who fill your heart on a daily basis. Your friends, your family, the strangers that show random acts of kindness. These people can’t be forgotten and deserve to be prioritized as well. Of course, I wouldn’t exclude your forever love and that’s one I’ll be happily waiting for until my day comes.

Love is meant to be celebrated and nourished and fought for. Love is what keeps us alive and what makes life worth all that we have to face. We’re blessed that it comes in all shapes and forms. Humanity cannot be dependent on one specific form because it’s just not possible. Love is found everywhere and it’s meant to be shared.