Make it Happen


I’ve always allowed fear to keep me from doing things that could potentially make me happy. Now I say potentially because I wouldn’t know if I never tried. Trying whatever said thing is could either make me happy and I could enjoy it, or I could absolutely hate it and never want to do it again.

Like ice skating, for example. I remember having (and still do) this fear of falling on the ice with my arms spread wide and someone skating too close slicing my fingers off. But on the other hand everyone made it look so easy, I wanted to try it for myself. Well, the minute I did and realized I really suck at it, I decided ice skating just wasn’t my thing. I actually kind of hate it but then again anything with wheels or blades on under my feet is a no-go for me lol. BUT at least I know I will never accept an ice-skating invitation because I already tried it.

Another example is zip-lining. In this case, I actually love zip-lining however, I was SO close to never experiencing the thrill and beauty of doing this activity the first time because of my fear of heights (and possibly plunging to my death). But hey, I’ll take that over ice-skating any day.

Now my last example has to do with the photo you see here. That’s me overlooking the city of Scottsdale and its beautiful landscape after climbing up to the very top of a mountain. To be fair, my fear didn’t set in until we started hiking up the trail because as I said before, I was very naïve in thinking it wasn’t going to be that difficult.

Sometimes it’s the things you fear most that end up being your greatest triumphs when you follow through

What usually happens when fear starts to set in? You get nervous, you start psyching yourself out and more often than not, you tend to give up and come up with some excuse as to why you didn’t follow through. Every time I look at this photo, I thank God I followed through. Clearly the picture doesn’t do it justice but the view was one that can’t be fulfilled from looking it up on Google or having someone tell you about it themselves.

You had to physically be there to witness it. The view was just a bonus because what I felt was the actual reward. Fear is the one I talk about most but it’s because it’s the enemy I battle with most. Sometimes it’s the things you fear most that end up being your greatest triumphs when you follow through. I relish in that because there’s no greater feeling. You didn’t allow fear to win.