Hello! My name is M’Kenna but you probably know me as Kenna, @stuffkennadoes, from Instagram. I always focus on putting happy and uplifting content to my account to provoke happiness in my audience.

Unfortunately, doing that can make it seem as though I have the perfect life with no struggles or problems and that goes for anyone’s profile. Unless they directly post about or say that they are going through something, it appears they have no issues. This is not true for almost everyone. I’m going to share with you guys how that is most definitely not true for me.

Mental Health is something that I believe is so incredibly detrimental to our society. Social media and other factors have caused our population’s mental health state to decrease greatly. Now I am a prominent user of social media but my mental health issues do not stem from that platform.

I was born with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Depression. Lovely combination it is. I was formally diagnosed last year after coming to the realization that I have something wrong that I cannot handle myself.

Learning to accept that I can’t control my own mental state was tough. I didn’t want to admit that I had little control over how my brain and mind function. But just as it was tough to accept, it was also extremely relieving. It was relieving to know I was getting help and would soon be able to live the way other people do.

After various doctors appointments and tests, I was diagnosed and prescribed with medications to suppress certain chemicals in brain. Being medically dependent was something I was fearful of and still struggle with. This means that I worry about what will happen if I do not have access to my medication.

How will my body handle the sudden shift back to unaided process? Will I panic? Will I slip into a state of depression? It’s a scary thought. I have now concluded that having the medication and feeling good is worth the risk or not being able to live without it.

I don’t promote my illness on my social media because I do not want it to seem as though I am seeking attention. However, I do speak freely about the subject and am completely open about my experience. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via direct messages on Instagram or email me at stuffkennadoes@gmail.com

With Love,

M’Kenna Krchnavy