I always wanted to be a mom. Always. My husband and I knew that we wanted lots of kids, but what we didn’t know was that 1 out of 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant, and we were in that minority.

In my mid-twenties my periods started becoming very irregular. I’d get one every few months, until eventually they just disappeared altogether. For over two years I did not have a single one.

To some women it may sound kinda nice, but it’s an alarming thing when you and your partner are planning and trying for kids. I saw multiple doctors, all of them scratched their heads because my blood work and all other tests were normal, I had no other symptoms, and they just didn’t have any answers.

One doctor suggested I may have “premature ovarian failure,” in which case, I would never have my own children. It was a scary thing to hear, but it just never sat right with me. I didn’t believe it. I knew inside that I would one day have my own baby. It was more than just a dream, it felt like my calling.

Needless to say, we never gave up. We were put in the care of an amazing reproductive specialist who very quickly diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. For us this was great news, it meant getting pregnant would be a challenge but not impossible!

I started medication right away that would induce my periods and also ovulation. Within weeks, I had success with the treatment, and low and behold, that very first month I ovulated and got pregnant!

It was incredible, shocking, exciting, you name it! We feel so very lucky as we know most women with PCOS do not have success so quickly. It’s a struggle and it’s scary. My words of advice to any woman facing fertility issues is to never give up hope! Our bodies do weird things One day something is normal and the next it’s not (and vice versa).

“Miracles” happen…mine is named Audrey!