As I grow older, I catch myself checking the numbers on the clock more often than not. More often than I ever have. I’m constantly telling myself I’m on a time limit every day. I have this amount of minutes before I have to get up for work, this amount of hours before a given deadline, this amount of time before the day ends. It’s like a constant alarm that goes off as if it wants me to be aware of every second that goes by so it can be accounted for.

And frankly, I miss the days when that wasn’t even on my radar. Time was forgotten until I was forced to remember it. But maybe there’s a way I can watch the clock without having it feel like some sort of countdown. I can count the minutes with anticipation rather than dread, or I can forget about it all together and let each hour run its course.

Time offers more than strict deadlines. It allows for change, opportunities, and growth. Sometimes good things don’t last forever, but there’s comfort in knowing that the bad won’t either. The reality is that not every minute is one you want to account for. Not every minute is going to be one you want to remember. But every time you check the hands on a clock, just think “there’s still time.”

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