That epic road trip you’re planning… starts with the trip there. You’re bound to see something awesome along the way, or maybe a hilarious sleepover by the side of the road ensues, or even an anxious trip in the woods at night to use the potty.

The point is, there are experiences to be had almost anywhere and anytime. Relish it! Seek it! Don’t just push those activities aside to be forgotten with life’s daily tasks. Don’t get me wrong, something absolutely can make your day going through life’s chores. And obviously, it’s a necessity.

Do you bike but find the city paths a little repetitive and are looking for more of a bumpy time… try mountain biking on single track, hitting those rocks and curves to your delight. Sick and tired of hitting the movies every Friday?

Try a camp fire by the beach. It’s winter you say… even better! These are just small samples of adventure seeking, and one can plan for an epic thrill as well.

There are circumstances which prevent us from backpacking Europe for 3 months or venturing off to Iceland on a kayak. That is why I’ve decided to posts all my adventures, big and small, as a constant reminder that adventure really is nothing more than one’s attitude towards those certain circumstances.