One thing that I could never get enough of or tire of are the moments I fall in love with something for the first time. The first time I listen to a song, the first time I finish a book that captured my heart, the first time I eat a delicious meal, the first time I watch an amazing movie or the first time I experience something new.

We often grow tired of what we start repeating over and over again. I tend to do this a lot, for example, with a song. If I fall in love a song, I hit the replay button like a broken record. The funny thing is, I try and tell myself to calm it down because I know, as much as I’m vibin’ to it and jamming out, eventually I’ll have had run its course without having taken the time to relish what it made me feel.

Soon enough, it becomes a song that I listen to every once in a while or I end up hitting “next.” I exhaust my newly found love before I even had the chance to take it in. If I could choose one special ability that I could possess, it would be to experience certain things over and over again, as if it were the first time.

A lot of people might agree because those feelings are what most of us wish we could hold on to or even remember. The “first times,” the “first feelings” are always the special kinds of beginnings that make it to the forefront of our memory bank. They become the moments we want to revisit and relive the same way they happened.

Can you imagine reading your favorite book multiple times as if it were the first time you picked it up? You would fall in love with the characters and the story-line as if you were being introduced to them at the very beginning of it all. To have your mind re-read the words with just as much excitement as you did the last time knowing you could never grow tired of them.

Make it a priority to think of our “firsts”

Your inspirations would never fall short nor be forgotten. You wouldn’t have to feel regret of not having cherished those moments originally because you would feel it every single time.

But I think because that’s not the reality with how our memories and our minds work, we must make it a priority to think of our “firsts,” no matter how big or small or what they may be, as if they’re our last.