There are many inspiring stories that you hear from different kinds of people. However, some of those stories truly make their way into the deepest parts of your heart. They make you motivated in some way and give you hope that these people are humans just like you, which means you have the ability to make your own story. You have the ability to change your life, to get through the trials, to make yourself someone you can be proud of. The possibilities are endless and you have all the necessary tools to get you there.

My grandmother is an extraordinary woman. This post couldn’t justify everything she is, what she went through, and what she represents. In the future, you’ll probably see a book about her story (written by yours truly :D), but today, I need to express my gratitude towards this beautiful woman who has also blessed me with her protege which is my mother.

Because through faith, she overcame the unbearable

To make a long story short, my grandmother was widowed at the age of 33 with 6 kids and pregnant with her last. She never remarried, she didn’t have much money to live off of, and her living situation wasn’t the best. The things she went through would make any person throw in the towel and go insane. You know how she made it, though?

Faith. Because through faith, she overcame the unbearable loss of her husband. Through faith, she found the strength she did not have to make a life for her children. Through faith, it got her to where she is today when she could’ve easily turned into a well-known statistic.

Courage and strength moves like the steadfast waves of the ocean. Ebbs and flows, highs and lows, loud and soft, firm and vulnerable, passing encouragement from one generation to the next

lynda NguyenFreedom and Feminism: Breaking The Rules. Telling The Truth To Freedom.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to cherish her, to have her share her story, and for her to still be here where I can talk to her, see her smile and hopefully give her another hug soon. The legacy she will leave behind is one I will pass down to my children from the moment they’re born. A legacy that will live on forever and get me through the struggles in life.

My guardian angel here on Earth, and one day in Heaven, thank you for giving me hope and for teaching me that God is all I will ever need.