The reason behind my insta and blog being called ‘The Wandering Senorita’ is not only because I was born in Spain but also because I have always had a thing for travelling the world and the urge to live abroad.

I grew up in the outskirts of Madrid and, unlike most Spanish kids, I was lucky enough to study in a British school, where my international mindset developed incredibly.

My parents worked in Mexico city for a few years before I was born, and dealt with so many American clients they had to learn English from zero pretty quick, which was a struggle for them, so they wanted me to be ready for the world from the moment I was born.

When I was a teenager, the urge to move to London started growing in me, and a couple of years after I finished Uni, when there were no jobs in Spain due to the economic crisis, I thought that was the sign I needed! I packed my bags and moved to what for me is the city of dreams (Yes, even before LA).

I shared a tiny flat with a bunch of crazy flatmates, I only had 2 friends in city, no job and a few euros saved, but that didn’t matter! Because I worked hard and persisted and I soon found a great office job in the entertainment sector (where I always wanted to work), and in which I not only learned most of what I know now, but also met some of the most amazing people that are nowadays my best friends.

I could summarize my 5 years in London as the best of my life. I could have never imagined I will meet so many amazing people along the way (my partner included), and that I would grow so much professionally and as a person.

My views have completely changed ever since, and living abroad is something that I would recommend to everyone, no exceptions, young or old, in whatever situation they are in. If you want it, do it.

Because what of the following things can be worseโ€ฆ to regret moving (you always have the option of coming back), or regret having stayed behind?
After that, and a bit tired of the rush and the grey weather, my partner got offered a job in Sydney, Australia.

It had never crossed my mind to move so far away from home, but we were looking for a new adventure, and what better than that! So I quit my job and we both took a plane downunder.

My experience there was very different from London, firstly because I was in my late twenties and started to feel a bit more settled, and secondly because my main goal then was to relax and reconnect with myself after some stressful times at work in London.

I found a job in a smaller office, but that allowed me to have 9 to 5 working hours and time for myself, get in the gym, eat healthy and go for beautiful beach walks.

We also took the time to travel around Australia and Asia, which we could have never done from Europe given the expensive prices. It was 3 years that I would never regret, and that definitely helped me rebalance my life and look forward to the next period.

I am now back home in Madrid, where me and my fiancรฉ intend to settle for a bit. The good thing about having lived in a big country like Australia is that now we appreciate Europe way more, as you can be anywhere else in a just 2-3 hours flight, while over there you just needed at least 7 hours to leave the country. So the plan now is to definitely travel around more Spain and Europe, until we plan our honeymoon of course!

Now the question isโ€ฆ would I live abroad again? Most definitely yes! Let’s just see what does the future bring!