The start of a new season is always so welcoming. Now that Spring is fast approaching, I’m thinking about all the Spring cleaning that happens in different areas of my life.

  • For starters: MY CLOSET. Saying goodbye to my winter fashion and storing it away until next Fall. I usually do an inventory of what I have every few months to see what I can get rid of but I’m also so blessed to have people in my life that just gift me with the same amount (if not, more) clothes in return. I must say though, I’ve got a closet and drawers filled with beautiful pieces and NOWHERE to wear them which is so frustrating. I feel like a lot of women have this same issue lol. But if there’s one thing I truly love about this particular task is not only the satisfaction I get from decluttering and opening up space, but also it gives me the opportunity to give back, returning any blessings that have been given to me along the way.
  • Next Up: HOUSE CLEANING. There is nothing like having your room and your house look and smell squeaky clean. But the biggest benefit is that it keeps you healthy! Now, you can be the cleanest person in the world, but sometimes you just need the deep clean only experts can provide. That’s why you call in a professional like Nash Everett. You’ve gotta keep your air quality top notch and they’ve got mold services in Neptune City (for those in NJ) that can give you just that. Keep your home safe from this kind of bacteria with technicians that are trained to handle spaces like attics, crawlspaces and more. Helping the environment is just a bonus with their eco-friendly method of mold removal called dry ice blasting. So not only do they help keep the environment and your home clean, but they also prevent future bacterial growth by sealing off all your clean surfaces. They care for their client’s health and want to provide the best protection for them in their own home. Say goodbye to harmful air!
  • Lastly: SOUL CLEANSING. As dramatic as I make it sound, but the holiday haze and new year excitement has officially faded, so now it’s time to focus on what I want the rest of my year to look like and how I’m going to move forward with myself to make it the way I want. I’m Spring cleaning all the negative thoughts or doubts I have about achieving my goals, and believe it or not, the motivation that began at the beginning of the year. I learned that motivation can be very deceiving because you can feel motivated about something at some point but then have the tendency to lose it after a while for a number of different reasons. I’ll go into that at a later time but now that it’s a new season, it’s time to push forward with my actions towards the goals I set for myself. I’m decluttering my mind, straightening up my priorities, and making space for the work ahead. It’ll be nice to add in some actual meditation for some REAL soul cleansing.

At the end of the day, a new season awakens new opportunities and surprises you won’t even see coming. The idea of Spring cleaning can really be used as a method for some self-love and care, wouldn’t you say? We all need to refresh our perspective every now and again. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, even suffocated, it gives you the chance to unload all of that and distribute it into different piles; the discard pile, the priority pile, and the “it can wait” pile.  By the end of your clean(s)ing, you’ll feel that much lighter and ready to take on what’s next. This is your cue; start your Spring Cleaning!

I’m decluttering my mind, straightening up my priorities, and making space for the work ahead.