Last time, I spoke about how words have such a great impact. Now, I want to talk about actions. They speak louder than words. Not all the time, but definitely the majority of the time and I know this all too well. But just as words can be very harmful, they can also be very empty. You know what I’m talk about, right? Empty promises, empty conversations, no substance or meaning behind them.

When you see action, or lack thereof, it affects you in a whole different way. Action that is taken out of strong, negative emotions has just as much impact as no action taken at all for any given situation. Throw both words and (lack of) action into the mix and you might as well have started a prelude to a riot.

The action that is taken: if you want to inflict plain, then you show it. Sometimes just saying it isn’t enough so you want to emphasize the negative emotion with a visual. I told you I have the ability to make someone feel tiny and invisible without saying a single word. Shameful but true and I can’t deny that. But having also been on the receiving end, I only remember breaking down in tears and having the weight of those actions become a physical pain I was carrying day and night.

The thing is, when you see negative action being taken, especially when you’re the target, often times, you start projecting that same behavior unto others, making them your target. Because of the pain you went through, you’ll probably do it without having that be your intention, but the result is still the same. You’re just allowing the darkness to consume you more and more, breaking your spirit down until you’ve hardened your heart for fleeting satisfaction. And what you thought you’ve gained ends up being your biggest loss.

The action not taken: to do nothing is damaging in a way that only increases your accountability. The emptiness that’s filled within words that promise so much become more hallow and useless the longer you refuse to make them happen. Don’t think I’m just talking about not showing up for others but also for yourself. How many times have you felt guilty or allowed your confidence to waver because what you said you were going to do never made it past the first step.

Throw both…into the mix and you might as well have started a prelude to a riot.

Meaningless words cause for meaningless intentions. That also has a huge influence on your character and how the world will react towards you. Useless doesn’t work here, it never does. To do nothing creates a burden you’re deceived into thinking won’t alter the next moment in time. There are so many things I can get into with this topic but we’re going to keep it to the overall view of it.

We’ve seen how action and inaction have impacted society in today’s world. Look at all the hate, the racism, the violence and all because of a person’s action or lack thereof. It’s so powerful yet people refuse to acknowledge how detrimental it can be when driven by hostile or passive emotions. Reactions matter. Your choices matter and how you choose to act on them determine what kind of influence you’ll, not only have on yourself, but everyone around you. Choose wisely.