What Would You Tell Them?


Sometimes the words left unsaid are the ones that come back to haunt you. Some faces might pop into my brain every now and then and I’ll start to think about conversations or words I would’ve liked to share with them way back when. Would you believe me if I said, as much as I love conversation, it’s also the one thing that can scare the living crap out of me?

But humans thrive on conversation and words are meant to be shared. I could look at this table with that many chairs and fill each one with someone I would like to have a specific 1:1 talk with. For those of you who can speak your mind without fear or filter on any given day, given whatever circumstance, I salute you because I’ve held myself back from asking questions, starting the conversation or giving my point of view which has always led me to regret that I missed that chance to do so.

I have different reasons for why I would sit them down at this table (of course with the idea that our conversation would happen just between the two of us in private.)

  • For some of those people, I would ask for forgiveness. As much love as I try to put out into the world and the people around me, I know I’ve also hurt others along the way. I’m still human and allow my emotions to get a handle on my actions rather than taking the time to analyze the situation or being brave enough to just have an actual conversation about it.
  • For others, I would like get their perspective on a specific situation. I would ask the tough questions that I wouldn’t normally and let go of my pride to see things from their eyes when I was blinded by my feelings. However, I would also share my own because bottling them up never did me any good.
  • And lastly, for the rest, I would say my piece. I’m talking about the moments that you go through with someone and everything you wish you would’ve said comes out hours or days after the incident occurs. It leaves you extremely frustrated and angry you didn’t just say it when it really mattered. I know we’ve all been there and a lot of you are probably like me, where when it happens, you freeze up or it doesn’t register what’s being said so you don’t even have a chance to retort or give your rebuttal.

Sometimes the most important conversations are the most difficult to engage in

Jeanne Phillips

Even though I have all these scenarios in my head of possible conversations I would like or be intrigued to have, will they ever happen? I’m not sure. I think for the majority, probably not. If the opportunity ever presented itself, I wouldn’t be opposed to it if we were in the right environment and the timing was appropriate.

I think it’s important to take the chance for what it is and have your say or hear their side but only if you feel like it’ll do something for you. If it doesn’t serve any purpose you feel is necessary then that’s totally fine. Some things are better left unsaid.

Humans thrive on conversation and words are meant to be shared

But in this case, I challenge you to think of one person who has crossed your mind at any point (or multiple points) throughout your life, and ask yourself, what’s one thing you would like to tell them if the opportunity arose to have a 1:1 conversation with them. Who knows, maybe in the future that moment will present itself and you’ll be prepared to open up a conversation you never had the chance to finish.