Who Are You Blaming?


What does reflecting mean to you? Is it just remembering a point in time for what it was, asking yourself a billion questions trying to figure out the why’s, or just looking at it from the same perspective and pointing the finger in every which way direction. Binocular vision excludes your blind spots, your surrounding areas.

To reflect means to look at a situation as a whole from multiple points of view. That includes shifting your focus to the main variable that’s not usually your first pick: YOU. We’ve been told that nothing and no one is allowed to make us feel inferior without our permission… What happens when we give that permission? What happens when we allow it to take place? Now where does the blame truly fall when we start to ask the deeper questions?

The reality is, you have no control over other people; what they do, how they act, the choices they make. There are some things in life that are completely out of your control and no amount of action or pleading will change its course. When you accept those known facts, start to analyze your past experiences from an objective standpoint and focus your attention on the one you can control, it opens up a door to a new way of dealing with life.

It forces you to find the root of what really happened. Very rarely, if not, never is a situation “just because.” The moment you consider a different perspective to how your life has worked out so far, you’ll reach a stage of healing you never would’ve been open to. We all need a little healing right?

Don’t blame others for your situation. Search your past and find what caused your faults.

David ramsey

Being a good person doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. The mistake could be staying silent. It could be walking away. It could be staying. It could be being passive. A mistake doesn’t have to be something you did with ill-intention or something you did to someone else.

Although we’ll always be thrown into situations we’ll have to overcome, we’re given the responsibility to choose how we respond. Often times, we don’t want to accept that our reaction and our choices are what define the moment that ultimately changes our course for our future. We blame people and circumstances but never ourselves when it really counts.

We blame people and circumstances but never ourselves when it really counts.

We hold such a power, and if we allow someone to take it from us, if we forfeit that power on our own, guess what? Reflect on the fact that that was a decision made by you and only you. Our lives are a collection of memories designed by the choices we make from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. It’s our responsibility to stand behind each one we make and own up to the ones we’re not proud of. We also have a duty to ourselves to learn from them and accept what we rightfully deserve in our lives.