The word public can be pretty scary if you think about it. Being out in the public, public speaking, becoming a public figure… Some people are terrified of social interactions, of being out in the public, surrounded by others they do not know. Some people are terrified of public speaking ( I am included in that category). Other people get nervous when they become a public figure.


The word public eliminates a certain amount of barriers and privacy that most humans like to have control over. It makes you vulnerable which is something everyone tries to avoid. Relinquishing that power can make you a target. There’s nothing worse than exposing yourself to backlash, judgement, criticism, and possibly, bullying.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

Criss Jami

I’m the first to say I hate having the spotlight on me. I think that’s why writing has always been my best voice, just like people use music or fashion to make statements and speak in their own language. The same goes for those who are motivational coaches or have shows dedicated to helping others or for whatever reason.

I think writing these blogs that share my deepest thoughts and give you an insight about the woman behind the words is a little nerve-wrecking… But maybe cracking through that invulnerability does a person more good than harm. It’s like an invitation that helps you morph into the person you want to become.

Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to the world. If you feel it in your heart that you’re doing the right thing and that it’s something you want or need to do to grow as a person, then don’t let the PUBLIC scare you into your confined bubble. No one should ever plant a little voice in your head that says you should never be heard no matter how you choose to do so. (Ex: me through my writing.)

Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to the world

And there’s nothing wrong with those who don’t necessarily want to be heard, just as long as it’s not hurting you in any way. Vulnerability makes you human. It teaches you the harsh reality that there is good AND bad in the world. It gives you the opportunity to prove to others that resistance towards an ugly outcome can benefit your life in more ways than one.

Because no matter what, you’ll never stop loving, you’ll never stop sharing, you’ll never stop fighting and you’ll never stop living. Everyone has their own public (An audience, a single person, people you know, whoever it may be). Your public makes you fear and vulnerability makes you exposed but the final product makes you unstoppable. You, my friend, can conquer anything. Believe it.