I spoke to a friend yesterday about a special project I’m working on that I would appreciate having her be a part of. She happens to be the artist behind this particular photograph and I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to help me begin the creative process. It had me stop and think about how amazing it is to have the privilege of knowing someone who’s so talented.

To turn an object or a simple idea into a vision that blows the mind of an ordinary thinker is nothing short of astounding. I might even use the word miraculous. Although I believe in only One higher power, I also believe He gives us the tools and the wisdom to create such works here on Earth. And boy, have we seen it firsthand.

I have so much admiration for those who produce a song out of a simple beat or create a harmonious rhythm for a set of lyrics. For those who can start a recipe from scratch and end up coming up with their own dish. For those who think completely outside the box and give others a new perspective. To have such talented people surrounding you makes you want to discover what you have the ability to create.

I continually have moments where I want to try different avenues for certain hobbies and my motivation comes from the people that have blessed me by exposing their talents and knacks for what they’re passionate about. If I witness someone who has a gift, especially someone I truly care about, and they decide it’s not something worth pursuing (in general, not just career-wise), immediately, I feel a wave of regret.

The world needs more beauty and more miracles

Regret, not for me but for them. Regret that the world wouldn’t be able to witness the beauty behind the mind and body that this person can create from a simple idea. And you probably don’t even know that you bring hope to those around you… But then again, aren’t I doing the exact same thing? Am I not allowing (in my case) fear dictate what I can and cannot do? So although I feel pain for the hidden talents that others possess and are not showcasing to the world, I can’t reprimand them for doing the same thing I am.

This special project I’m working on will be a turning point for me. I’ve had a lot of those in my life and I’ll probably have more in the future, but this is one that will mean more than some of those in the past. If God has given you a gift, Do.Not.Waste it. The world needs more beauty and more miracles. And what you have to offer is exactly what people like me are looking for.