There’s power in owning up to your mistakes. Acknowledging your faults is one of the most important steps in acceptance. To accept yourself as a whole, you have to come to terms with some of the ugly parts of who you are. My struggle with that wasn’t so much the disappointment in realizing I can’t be perfect, but more so the lie that made its way into my head telling me that because I’m not perfect, I’m not enough.

Your faults are what make you relatable, authentic, and sometimes even desirable. They give you the perfect excuse to work towards a specific goal or your own metamorphosis. Life gives you more than enough opportunities to let them show but change is never too far behind.

Like I’ve always said though, that change can only come from within. It starts with you. My fear of acknowledging my faults stemmed from the insecurities I grew up with. It’s not an easy process to go through, especially when you’re going through situations where you are not at fault. But taking the time to reflect on what’s happened when your head has been cleared of the fog can help you overcome some of the deepest pain or frustrations.

Cutting ties with people who hurt you isn’t enough. You must also cut ties with the version of yourself that allowed it.


The sad truth is if we focus too much on the outside, (the guilty party, the cause and effect, the what if’s and the end results), we ignore the root of where healing comes from. The idea is not to take blame for something you didn’t do, but rather to own your imperfect truth.

On a personal level, I had to come to terms with the reality that much of how I was treated throughout my life was because I allowed it. I made my own many mistakes. I still do. I do take blame for a lot of what I went through which in certain cases, could’ve been avoided. But accepting these parts of myself has helped mold me into someone who now knows better. Nobody on earth is hard wired to have all the answers nor has the ability to get it right every time.

Your faults are what make you relatable, authentic, and sometimes even desirable

Remember, that’s too big a burden to voluntarily carry. There’s no need to so it’s time to let it go. There’s a peace you end up finding by going through this process. That peace gets transmitted into every future situation you’ll have to face, and because you’ve done the work, you’ll be more than capable of handling it.