Growing up is tough, right? I means, as a child, our only expectation of evil came from the fairy-tales we were told and read about. Evil villains, evil times, evil thoughts. Our innocence is what’s kept us out of harms way. Our ignorance the blinds shielding us from what was true, having us settle only on what we believed to be true.

Through the years, I think it’s safe to say that on many occasions, ignorance is bliss, huh? No, it’s not always ideal nor favored to remain in the dark. But sometimes the light catches something you wish to un-see. As a teenager and as an adult, you’ve probably had some or many moments where you would’ve wanted those words to have fallen on deaf ears, or been blind to not witness those photographs.

I wish I could say it’s only once you reach a certain age, that you’re hit with a dose of reality, but even as a child, many are faced with the realization that the world is, in fact, not perfect. Some have had to fight off evil villains. Others have endured evil times. A greater portion has had to combat evil thoughts. And the majority have had to overcome all 3.

My biggest evil has been my thoughts. And with more and more people coming forward, opening up about their depression and mental illness, it’s an evil that is no longer a myth. It does not get more real than a person who chooses death above anything else.

Our will to live is often much greater than the difficulties of life!

Mehmet Murat ildan

I’ve conquered my depression, just as many others have. But I will not deny the moments my evil tries to return because another piece of my ignorance was brought into the light or my innocence chipped away. Most often, it’s as simple as questioning myself constantly on just about everything. The fear to live. And fear, with all the thoughts that follow, has always been my shortcoming.

But I have introduced my strength, my resilience, and my faith

But it’s one I don’t plan on giving into. I’m no longer a child. I’ve been introduced, hit after hit, to reality. Just like all of you. But I have introduced my strength, my resilience, and my faith. And as I continue to grow, so will these key components of my character.

Sometimes you’ll wish to go back in time to simpler days where your innocence is all you needed and your ignorance is all you wanted. But that’s just not how our stories go. You may be fighting your evil today. You may have to fight your evil tomorrow, but rest assured, if you have that fire burning within you, than your will to live will prevail.